Sunday, 7 April 2013

Race Season Has Started

 I raced an 800 at the Sun Angels meet in Phoenix last night. It was my first race of the year, I did run a 1500 a few weeks ago but weren't counting that. It went well, 1:47.92 which is my fastest opener of my career. I had Quin pacing me so it really felt like a workout, when they were putting us in lanes, I was number 10 and they didn't know who to double me up with. They asked me if I had a teammate in the race, so I got to start in the same lane as Quin! I jumped in right behind him off the cut in and didn't see anyone the whole race.

 It felt very familiar, which for an opener was really nice, there's normally that feeling of getting the cobwebs out but there was none of that. This was a great way to start, have a teammate take you to 600 and roll 200 alone! We had a perfect night to race, no wind, not too hot, couldn't ask for much more.

 So from here I head to Flagstaff tomorrow and prepare for Penn Relays and ReRun San Diego! I'm gonna miss my adopted family here in Phoenix but I love Flagstaff so I'm ready for the change.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Where was I...

 Right so, it's been a while, but I am back to it. I haven't posted in almost 8 months, but... from here out... (I have said that before). I own my very own computer now so it should be easier for me to keep a more consistent stream of posts, but I'm not making any promises.

 So much has happened; Olympics. What can you really say about it, it was an extraordinary experience and obviously a highlight of my life. Things couldn't have went better and I accomplished all I wanted to, onward now to Rio! I partied hard for a little bit after the Games and got back to training in September. Foot Injury.

October 4th moved to Victoria for the winter (foot injury got better). Had a solid month of training with Quin Ferguson (my new Nate). Knee Injury. Home to Halifax for part of December, I trained with my club Halifast Athletics while I was home. Running and hanging out with the young athletes fired me up for training again. Christmas with my sister and her family in Calgary, all that needs to be said is my nephews are cute, Calgary is bitterly cold and I can think of a better "sport" to drop from the Olympics then wrestling.

Back to Victoria for January, this time with my coach Heather for a month of training along with the UVic Team. The Vikes were an awesome group to train with, they made me feel at home and comfortable from day one. The old knees were still acting up so we bailed on any indoor races and February 1st made the trip to Phoenix, where I have been since.

Training has been great since, I think my arthritic knees didn't like the damp Victoria climate. I am officially a snowbird. Quin and Nate are here so it's like I have two Nates. Flagstaff begins in 15 days.

So that's the 8 months. Nothing dramatic, run, eat, sleep, repeat.