Sunday, 7 April 2013

Race Season Has Started

 I raced an 800 at the Sun Angels meet in Phoenix last night. It was my first race of the year, I did run a 1500 a few weeks ago but weren't counting that. It went well, 1:47.92 which is my fastest opener of my career. I had Quin pacing me so it really felt like a workout, when they were putting us in lanes, I was number 10 and they didn't know who to double me up with. They asked me if I had a teammate in the race, so I got to start in the same lane as Quin! I jumped in right behind him off the cut in and didn't see anyone the whole race.

 It felt very familiar, which for an opener was really nice, there's normally that feeling of getting the cobwebs out but there was none of that. This was a great way to start, have a teammate take you to 600 and roll 200 alone! We had a perfect night to race, no wind, not too hot, couldn't ask for much more.

 So from here I head to Flagstaff tomorrow and prepare for Penn Relays and ReRun San Diego! I'm gonna miss my adopted family here in Phoenix but I love Flagstaff so I'm ready for the change.

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  1. You better say that you will miss your Phoenix family!!!! Stevie still sits on your bed and looks out of the window waiting for you to return to give him some more meds! Ha!

    So proud of you guys and all that you are accomplishing. You make Canada so proud.