Friday, 2 December 2011

December is Good

I haven't wrote a lot in the last few months, I have been nervously waiting out the transition to new orthotics and not wanting to jinx the process by saying anything about it. I am now officially injury free and feeling like a million bucks. My foot is completely healed and now to full strength over its new platform!

I am just finishing up a 4 week cycle with a rest week of reduced milage and intensity and I need it! I ran the most milage of the season for a week last week and it borders on the most of my career. I am heading into a three week December phase leading up to the holidays! Going to be training on the new track at the Canada Games Center this winter and looking forward to not smelling the inside of the Dalplex.

I have been consistently taking my supplements and vitamins and that coupled with my much more restricted diet this year I am feeling awesome.

This has been a bit of a scatter brain post but I am finally excited and feeling good and happy to be posting! more coming this weekend!  I will tell my story of getting hit by a car on my bike on Monday and how that has been playing out for me.

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