Monday, 23 January 2012

1k Results

I raced a K this weekend, its was new for me. Not because I don't usually race 1K's but because I was actually able to finish the race. For the last two years I have been running on ice when I got to the last part of my races, injuries were holding me back. On saturday I hit my splits and finished with some authority and it felt good.
I ran 2.23:60 alone, lead start to finish on a flat track with a good surface. For any anti-dalplexers it was at the new Canada Games Center and I don't think its short but I don't like to assume anything.
It was awesome to have a meet run on time and have as many runners (and jumpers) as it did here in Nova Scotia.
I am planning on racing once more in the next couple weeks, I just don't know where yet. Otherwise it's back at it as usual!

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