Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Racing 1k

 I am racing on Saturday for the first time since July of last year. I went out last year on a low, dropping out of a race in Toronto, dealing with a season long foot injury. I have since taken the steps (pun intended) to heal and my foot injury and to make sure it’s not going to happen again. With my new orthotics and a better foot strike I have got through the longest set of straight training sessions in 2 years. I have been training very well, feeling fit and powerful. I am hoping that when I get to my speed and power phase it’s going to take me above and beyond what I have been able to accomplish in the past.

This weekend’s race is going to be a 1km. I am doing it at the Canada Games Center. I have some good runners in the race, with some of the Dalhousie Varsity team and my training partner Dan and newly acquired Kenyan John. It will be a good pace from the start; wouldn’t it be nice to PB first race of the season? I have barely been in spikes this year. Annnnnd there are the butterflies, right on time. I had a really great workout last night to set up for the weekend 600 – 400 – 200 (2min/1min recovery) -15min with steady state- 5X200… all at 1k pace. Through the whole workout knowing behind me and hearing the foot steps of a fit Kenyan made for some faster than expected intervals.


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