Wednesday, 4 April 2012


It's about time I posted something.

My training is going famously, I am battling some small injuries here and there but all in all the quality is above anywhere I have ever been and only building. The first outdoor race of the season is on Saturday, it's at ASU and will be a fast race. Fast people in it and I am feeling more than ready for a fast race which equals results! The weather here has been great for training, I am getting very excited to get to Flagstaff in less than a months time. Getting up to Flagstaff is always my indicator that the season is started and it's time to perform.

I have had some big changes in my life in the last few weeks and it's been a test staying focused, but I'm coming through stronger for it all. It's funny how these things end up working themselves out in the end anyway.
I will have one more race before Flagstaff at Mt. Sac. If everything goes well might get a trip to Penn Relays and than up to the altitude.
Things are rolling well, I'm keeping the momentum moving forward one day at a time.

I love hearing from home so keep sending emails!

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