Sunday, 1 May 2011

April's Overview

It's been about a month now since I restarted posting these things and If I have learned one thing it's that sketchers shape ups can't be worth it. They look so dumb, and I can't imagine that they really help that much in fitness, maybe they help stability... still not worth it.

Now that's off my mind and I can feel satisfied I said it. It's out there now and if you own a pair and are offended well, sorry, I guess. I have found that side of this very difficult. Deciding what to say on here and how far I can go when saying things that could be offensive. I don't think I like very much being censoring myself but I guess you have to pick your audience.

This last month has been great, Training in Phoenix has been fun but more importantly it has been quality training. That's what I came here for, I am going to continue it up in Flagstaff. 3 more weeks of it and than I am heading home to Halifax to see my patient and supportive girlfriend. It's rough hard work traveling and maintaining a relationship. It's always worth it coming home!

Flagstaff for anyone who hasn't been is full of people with long hair and everyone has a dog... I love it up there. There favorite sport there is Frisbee golf, you get got the picture? Hippies everywhere. I have looking forward to this part of the trip since I left there last year.
Thanks to everyone for the messages this last month.

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