Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Flagstaff, Mini Putt and workouts

 Were are staying at a little "resort" that has a club house with mini putt, pools, ping pong and what not. It's a great way to stay in training camp mentality and not over do anything, stay stimulated and not get bored sick. The altitude here is 7000+ feet, so it's easy to feel like you have lost your breath just walking up a hill and we live on a hill. We had our first track workout today and it went alright, I was fast but not as fast I would like to have been. It's hard feeling like that, I ran a personal best twice in the 300's we did today but I guess we always want to be faster. The important thing is I made a huge come back in some mini putt yesterday to win against and Olympian. I have also learned playing the 6'3'' black guy in basketball will never go well for me, though I took one game of 21 off him. So it's essentially recovery based things until Saturday's workout down 1000 feet in Sedona.

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