Thursday, 9 June 2011

Indianapolis, Calgary and Beyond

It's been a while since the last post. I have been in Halifax for the last few weeks with not very much to report. I have had my second cortisone shot in my foot and am hoping that the relief will last through the race season now. I am struggling with this right foot of mine, it's a struggle because the only real cure is complete rest. I am not capable of that for the next month. I may or may not be capable of that ever.
I checked in 2 hours early to my international flight and got grilled by the customs officer and am now waiting patiently at the gate. They shouldn't make you check in early for an international flight, if there's going to be larger line ups they should accommodate to make it go quicker, not make us come earlier. We got to fight the power.
I am racing on Saturday night in Indiana, my favorite place to race. It's the track Flo Jo ran her world record 100m on. I am going to tap into my inner Flo Jo and find some steroids and race really fast. I will absolutely not take steroids. I will run fast however. I am ready to I just need to make every race count. That's up to me. I race again on Wednesday.
I am flying up to Calgary for some conversation with Kingsley my nephew and race Nationals. That will be fun.
Beyond is yet to be determined.

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