Sunday, 19 June 2011

Indy and Nationals

 My race in Indianapolis went good and bad all at once. I didn't run the greatest time, but I ran "my" race. On the start line they told us that the pace setter couldn't run, which changed my race plan. So right at that moment I decided I was going to take it out. I did, I went through 400 in the front at 53sec, and at 600 all alone I was 1:19. I stayed running well until about 720 meters and than I (excuse my french) ate $hit. I ran a faster time than that when I was 19 years old. I am very happy with the first 700 meters.

So now I am in Calgary getting ready for Nationals. I am staying with my sister, her husband my nephew and Leanna. It's the perfect low stress home life to be in. Staying in hotels and dorms can start to get to you and make you just wish you were home. This is a perfect balance for me, it's not "my" home but it's a home.

I am feeling good and am excited to race again. I have lots of races coming up in the next few weeks and think I am going to get a good time in at at least one of them.

The Indy Race

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  1. Best of luck at Nats and I hope the coming week treats you well.

    As for your race in Indy, I have to commend you on the front running even if your last 100m were not as well polished as you would have liked.