Sunday, 12 June 2011

Making an awkward decision based on my gut.

I made a hard decision last night not to run. My foot is sore, and not it's a little still sore, it's sore in as "this feels like it could rip" sore. It's been getting better but it's not at the point you test it. I'd say if it was 90% I'd go for it and risk doing some damage. Right now it's closer to 75%. I have three days to make it get to 90% and than go for it. Nationals is getting close and that has to be the priority.

It's a very strange process to go through mentally to make the call not to race. Especially when you really want to run. There are so many factors that play into your head. I really think I made the right call. I will know Wednesday. For the next three days I am going to ice 36 times (every hour for 12 hours per day), pool run and relax. I am going will this thing better!

It was exhausting coming to that though. I had my spikes on, I was warmed up and 10 minutes before the gun, 3 strides done and my foot telling me something. It wasn't a clear message but it was making itself heard. The thoughts flying around my head of "is three days enough to make any difference", "don't be a pansy and run", "your foot might explode mid race"...ect.

So here I am, foot in a bucket of ice and hoping this was the right move. I am going to re-evaluate on Tuesday, and run no matter what on Wednesday.

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