Friday, 29 April 2011

Arrived in Philly after a Nightmare of a Flight

Today's travel, for whatever reason might have been the worst experience ever. It started at security; I got through check-in quick and got to security where I refused the body X-RAY. That is a whole other story as to why I refuse the body X-RAY but I do and they didn't like that. They ran my bag through the bag X-RAY 3 times. 3 times. 3 times. I said that three times to make a point, it's not necessary, than they searched every piece for my bag. Than after they realized I'm not a terrorist I was free to go, but not without a stink eye. I think they really wanted to find something they could scorn me for. I boarded my plan to see I was not only at the back but seated next to a 400+ lbs man and 4 children. There was a child in every direction. If I looked North, East, South, or West... child. This was not starting well. Children shouldn't fly or they should have mandatory duct-taped mouths.
It went just how you can imagine, croawded space and screaming for 4 hours. When I finally got off the plane we waited for 45 minutes to get our bags. That was my day! It was not fun. I am here now and getting ready for bed. I hope the children on my plane are still screaming and keeping their parents awake, and Mr. 400 is exercising!
Going to the track tomorrow. Will post more post workout!!

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