Monday, 18 April 2011

Recovery, Therapy, and Mental Race Prep.

Today is recovery again, I seem to use that word a lot. Its arguably just as important to training, the whole yin and yang thing. One can't exist without the other, well it can but only recovering leads to obesity and only training won't last, your body will get it's rest one way or another. I am seeing Wynn for some Therapy, Wynn is Athletics Canada Head Middle Distance coach and a bit of a therapy guru. I am going to be poked and stretched and bent in ways that I haven't been before. I have been struggling with my right glut. Hopefully Wynn will be able to get to the bottom of why and how to fix it.

It's count down to race day again, I am racing Saturday in the Sun Devils meet. It's a fairly low key meet. I have won this race before. I'd like to win it again... It's the first race of the outdoor season. So the mental preparation process begins. This year I am going to focus less on having a set out race plan and more on being reactionary and letting things sort of flow. I realized over this winter that the too much mental preparation can be a bad thing, I ended up having opponents not only on the track but in my head. I spent huge amounts of energy just dealing with what was happening inside and not leaving myself enough energy to race to my full potential. The important thing is identifying and addressing the problem, owning it. Accepting it as my own problem and not making other external excuses (it's not easy). I realize the sooner you do, the sooner you can work towards fixing it. We own our emotions not the other way around. This can apply just as easily to simply working out. Finding the motivation just to do a workout, it's always there, sometimes you just need to dig a little to find it. The pay off is always worth it. Recovery is always better when you really have something to recover from!

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