Saturday, 16 April 2011

Bitter-Sweet Workouts. Finding the Positives and Ignoring the Negatives

If I have learned one thing in training it's that workouts can't always go according to plan and you must be OK with that. Today's workout had two sets of high lactic race pace work. I was only able to do the first set. My body gave me some clear warnings about doing more and I listened. Could I have got through the second set? Maybe, but what damage might I have done is more important to consider. So I am left unsatisfied with the workout. In retrospect my first set was above what I thought my ability was right now and I have to take all the good I can out of that. I can't dwell on the negatives, that will only draw more negatives to me. I have to be positive about what I did accomplish and take the right steps to be able to finish the full workout next time. Sometimes it feels like I have lie to myself to accomplish that. I have learned that's OK to. I just remind myself that what ever I am thinking is just an emotion and I can can think about whatever I want. I control my emotions not the other way around. So today is good... but tomorrow will be better!

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