Thursday, 14 April 2011

Recovery and 99cents or less

Today is workout day, 200’s at 1000m race pace. It will be challenging but manageable. Yesterday’s recovery day went well with a 40 minute run and an evening session of activation and stretching. I’m feeling good and excited to work out!
Last night I ventured out on the bike to look for an adventure and found the 99cents department store. It was one of the scariest things places I have ever been in. Everything was 99cents, they had a produce section, frozen food section, a deli,  automotive, clothing, shoes, and of course an Easter section. I didnt get over to the gun section. It scares me to think what is in the packages labeled FOOD… they sell at a dollar and presumably turn a profit.  Who says “I need groceries, I should go to the dollar store” … and the place was packed. I am probably going to have to go back for further analysis.



  1. awesome..... king would like a souvenir from the 99cents store

  2. i would like a deep v from there. i have no doubt you already bought all the smalls so just go back and get a large, preferably in green