Saturday, 16 April 2011

Bob Dylans Hat and Some Expensive Boots

Today I went out on a mission to find a Bob Dylan circa 1975 Rolling Thunder Revue Stetson Hat (you might need to google that).  This led to trying a pair of boots with a $2500 price tag and me finding the hat! Firstly I did not buy the hat; it was $175 dollars.. that is a massive mark up. Now to the main point, who buys $2500 boots? Who? Who? Really, are you serious, you’ll take the Two Thousand and Five Hundred Dollar boots… Would you like the rest of the cow with that? What the hell. That much money would have a huge impact on my seasons travel and someone is going to buy a pair of black boots with it. The boots weren’t even comfortable. There were many other boots there that were much nicer looking, in my opinion. I am going to sit outside the store everyday and wait for someone to buy those boots. When they walk out I am going knock them over take the boots and say “NO, NO” like there a cat that pooped in the house. I will then give his boots back walk away feeling good I made a difference in someone’s life.  I got a serious workout tomorrow and I fear I am going to be distracted by the boots.

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