Sunday, 24 April 2011

Post Race Recap

Yesterdays race went very good. It had a lot of really positive aspects and 2 negative ones. First the good stuff. I raced the the race, that sounds silly but is very relevant. There's a lot of times when I go out and essential time trial, I might as well be out there alone cause I am not responding to the other racers. This race I responded well. I got out fast and dropped into 3rd place in the first 200m and very relaxed, rolled through 400m. Going around from 400m to 500m I went by the 2nd place runner. Now it gets weird, going down the backstretch, from 500m to 600m the lead runner moved out very wide so to get around him I would have to go even wider... I decided to pass him on the inside, when I moved up on him he immediately moved back in and got me caught up stuck just inside him. So at the 200m mark I had go back a step and get behind him and pass him on the outside. This might have effected my time a little but that's racing. I took the lead with 200m to go and kept moving well.
Now the 2 negatives. First at 20m to the finish line I looked over my shoulder... This is a big No No. Its only makes you open your hips up and it shouldn't add anything, even if I see someone I should be running full out. I didn't see anyone.. The second negative, Andrew Ellerton was there, and he passed me in the last 10m and ran about 2 tenths of a second faster.
These were rookie mistakes. It's the first race of the season and is the time to work out these kinks. It still makes me mad. All in all it was truly a fun race and I am now getting seriously excited to run at Penn Relays next weekend.

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