Friday, 15 April 2011

Food: What I Eat! The Rules and Exceptions

I have started a very specified diet in the last couple months, I started this due to a couple reasons; the recommendation of others, my girlfriend doing it and sometimes it's fun to change things up. I have been dairy free for over a year now and feeling good about that. I don't have any intolerance to dairy, I love milk, just wanted to try it out. I have limited myself to nothing processed on this new concept. Here are the rules and exceptions:
1) No dairy (with one exception)
2) No Wheat
3) Nothing processed
4) Rice is OK (for me,I need some carbs post run)
5) Cheese is OK (and that is awesome)
6) Supplements are OK

So I eat lots of meat, nuts, fruits, vegetables, and rice.
In preparing to write this post I did some research on why it's good to cut Dairy and Wheat as a runner and it seems there are some very conflicting views out there. Processed foods speak for themselves, I think everyone could do with less of them. The 2-step rule applies, If it takes more than two steps to look how it does on your plate, don't eat it.
How do I feel since starting this? Amazing. My energy systems are firing at full, I rarely crash hard. Though I love a good nap in the afternoon. I have not had "track hack" since I have started.. (track hack is coughing, very violently at times, due to mucus in your lungs from hard workouts). I simply don't have food cravings anymore. This only is worth it. Feeling nutritionally satisfied almost all the time! Not to mention I dropped about 4 pounds off an already slim frame.
There is one more exception... Once a week I have a cheat meal! I can eat what ever I please, pizza, pasta, a sandwich, whatever I want. Most times after this I feel gross and bloated. It's still fun!
So try it out... If you cut something like dairy, be sure to substitute what your losing that is good from the dairy and the same applies to anything major you cut.


  1. This sounds a lot like what I've done to my diet, though I didn't have a set end goal, I just wanted to trim out as much processed food as possible without sacrificing taste, affordability and ease of prep.

    Turns out its pretty frikkin easy to eat simple, local and healthy foods. I don't eat many processed foods anymore, and I feel great. I've cut down on my dairy intake as well, but it's not having much of an effect on my GI functions or my energy levels.

    I crave burgers and pizza like a madman, and I typically indulge once a week like you do. I noticed the biggest improvement in my morning energy levels, and overall training abilities, when I cut out beer and wine from my diet. It made me sad at first, and I reward myself with a drink or two on the weekend.

    We make our own granola, granola bars, breads, doughs, pizzas, calzones, etc....that way we can still enjoy 'processed' foods without them being processed.

    I love food. Got any new fave recipes?

  2. Geoff what about Ezekiel Bread? Made with sprouted grains and lentils?