Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Being a Ginger and Living Anywhere this Hot

This has nothing to do with running... though I only came to this realization because I am in Phoenix training..  so kinda..
These are thoughts about growing up with red hair in a hot climate by a ginger who grew up in a cold climate.

I never had a lot of teasing or bullying because I had red hair, I am though, a day walker. I have the hair get the freckles but my skin isn't transparent to the level of some others.
Now if I grew up here where it gets this hot with these UV rays, I don't think I would be able to say the same about my experiences growing up ginger. These poor kids having to put on SP350 and running from the shade of a tree to the next to avoid the sun... I feel for them. There must me some ginger Scientists out there to fix this problem, sunscreen is not enough. I want to tan too... we all do.
So gingers in a warm climate, ban together and unite... Stand proud of your Casper the ghost like skin and one of you become a skin specialist and cure this allergy to the sun!

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  1. There is something slightly mis-leading here... no you may have not been teased by most people. But I do recall telling you when you were going into grade 7 that no one likes people with red hair....