Thursday, 21 April 2011

Music, Track and Ripped Hands

From a running perspective nothing is really new here. I am on a recovery week preparing to race this weekend and next. The 800 this weekend is shaping up nicely with a strong field and a lot of Canadians. My training up to now is going very smooth and I am hoping to turn some heads this weekend.

I have been slack lining quite a bit these last few days and have picked up right were I left off, I haven't been on one for months but I haven't lost the touch and even landed a 360. If you don't know what slack lining is google it! It's awesome and everyone should try it. Whilst at the playground where I have been slack lining, myself, Peter Corrigan and Celia decided to play on some monkey bars. This lead to one upping each other as to who could swing and let go and grab the next bar, and than the third bar out and so on... This ended up with Celia missing the mark and landing on her butt really hard, and I tore a callus off my hand. This has given me further evidence that I might stick to track and give up on all dreams of becoming a gymnast.

I have been getting on to some new music while down here. It's worth (if you haven't already) checking out the Avett Brothers, and my new favorite song Glory Bound by Martin Sexton. If anyone has any music worth checking out write a comment. Training camps are about discovering new music.

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  1. There is a reason why Runners should NOT do gymnastics.....weak hands! :)